15th May 2012

Branded TV Channels: The Next Level

By Hub

  The importance of branded TV channels cannot be overstated. In a genre-leading article for Marketing Week, Nicola Smith wrote that branded TV channels are a surefire way to ‘boost consumer engagement, reach new audiences and convert website views into purchases.’ Here at Hub, we see exactly where Nicola is coming from. In this blog, [...]

8th May 2012

Stop Motion Animation: The Best of the Best.

By Hub

Levi Roots and Wallace & Gromit. One is a sauce-peddling, calypso-singing entrepreneur, and the other is a crime-fighting, bread-baking double-act that have stolen the hearts of a nation. These two national institutions rarely cross paths. One is a testament to British entrepreneurship, the other to British animation. The advertising & animation agency that grew out [...]