2nd April 2014

Buzzword Dictionary: Content Marketing

By Intern

What in the world is content marketing? Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of valuable content that attracts and engages a target audience. Based on this definition, content marketing is an on-going process rather than a one-time campaign. It is not created as a pitch to the potential customer, but rather as content with [...]

27th March 2014

Buzzword Dictionary: Metadata

By Intern

What is metadata? Metadata is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: data about data. More specifically, it is a set of data that describes and provides information about an item’s content. For example, lets say the item in question is this image of an obscenely overweight cat with a frightened nurse:  The picture itself [...]

25th March 2014

Meet the Interns

By Intern

Hub recently picked up three new interns, who hopped the pond from the states to lend us their social media and production expertise. The girls will be taking over our social media accounts to provide a look at the shenanigans they get into at the Hub office. Although they love to have fun, the interns [...]

15th May 2012

The top 10 most innovative music videos

By Hub

The top 10 most innovative music videos – these 10 music videos are all gamechangers, and currently the best music videos in the world.

8th May 2012

Stop Motion Animation: The Best of the Best.

By Hub

Levi Roots and Wallace & Gromit. One is a sauce-peddling, calypso-singing entrepreneur, and the other is a crime-fighting, bread-baking double-act that have stolen the hearts of a nation. These two national institutions rarely cross paths. One is a testament to British entrepreneurship, the other to British animation. The advertising & animation agency that grew out [...]

5th April 2012

Hub Top Ten: Funniest Car Ads

By neoco

Before you start to read this countdown of our Top Ten ‘funniest’ car adverts, I can guarantee that we will have forgotten one of your favourites. It’s always the way, isn’t it? Let us know what we’ve missed out! Let’s be honest, Team Hub loves a good Youtube session, and the funnier the better. Get [...]