30th June 2014

The Art Of Storytelling

By Ruby Thomas

Let me tell you a story (it might just make your business more profitable) Fearful on the eve of my first new business pitch, an older, wiser pitch veteran imparted these words of advice: “Tell them a story, open with an anecdote, that way, you’ll get them on side”. These wise words have served me [...]

19th May 2014

Content With Impact: How online video will transform your business

By Ruby Thomas

Welcome to the most powerful tool in your content marketing armoury: Online video Dancing ponies and naming Coke bottles caused a marketing frenzy in 2013, but the hot topic for marketers everywhere was? Yep, you guessed it, content marketing. “The single most significant trend is the continued emergence of content marketing as a standalone discipline. [...]

8th July 2013

What Social Media can do for your Video

By leighhub

We’re living in the social media revolution.  Social networking has become the primary way people communicate.  Sites like Facebook, twitter, and YouTube have completely taken over not only the internet but also our lives. It is nearly impossible today to watch the news or a sporting event without seeing a # or @ in the [...]

15th May 2012

Branded TV Channels: The Next Level

By Hub

  The importance of branded TV channels cannot be overstated. In a genre-leading article for Marketing Week, Nicola Smith wrote that branded TV channels are a surefire way to ‘boost consumer engagement, reach new audiences and convert website views into purchases.’ Here at Hub, we see exactly where Nicola is coming from. In this blog, [...]

8th May 2012

Stop Motion Animation: The Best of the Best.

By Hub

Levi Roots and Wallace & Gromit. One is a sauce-peddling, calypso-singing entrepreneur, and the other is a crime-fighting, bread-baking double-act that have stolen the hearts of a nation. These two national institutions rarely cross paths. One is a testament to British entrepreneurship, the other to British animation. The advertising & animation agency that grew out [...]