30th October 2013

Hub Testing: Freefly Systems MōVI M10

By Gobi

This week Anita from Catalyst Cameras brought in the brand new Freefly Systems MōVI M10 for us to test out. At Hub, we love to stay at the forefront of newly developed equipment. We are constantly on the look out for new camera equipment, which can further develop our filming experience and provide the best [...]

7th October 2013

The TOP 10 Most Innovative Explainer Videos

By Gobi

  As Explainer Video is such a hot topic right now, we thought we’d follow up from last week’s blog by giving you some ideas on how the explainer video can help your company. Having a successful explainer video not only helps you get noticed, but can also gain a very healthy ROI. Explainer videos [...]

3rd October 2013

Giving a Good First Impression: Explainer Video

By Gobi

  With videos being one of the most useful marketing tools, one would wonder why so many businesses still haven’t discovered it yet. However for the people that did, well done to you all. As I mentioned in the title, every business would love to give a good first impression to their potential customers. The [...]

20th September 2013

Boosting your SEO with Videos!

By Gobi

  The search engine battle is on, and the prize is a lucrative first page listing on Google… Keyboards at the ready! But how do you get your website ranked on the first page of search engines? Video SEO is your answer. The key process within Video SEO is researching the keywords your customers will [...]

8th July 2013

What Social Media can do for your Video

By leighhub

We’re living in the social media revolution.  Social networking has become the primary way people communicate.  Sites like Facebook, twitter, and YouTube have completely taken over not only the internet but also our lives. It is nearly impossible today to watch the news or a sporting event without seeing a # or @ in the [...]

15th May 2012

Branded TV Channels: The Next Level

By Hub

  The importance of branded TV channels cannot be overstated. In a genre-leading article for Marketing Week, Nicola Smith wrote that branded TV channels are a surefire way to ‘boost consumer engagement, reach new audiences and convert website views into purchases.’ Here at Hub, we see exactly where Nicola is coming from. In this blog, [...]

15th May 2012

The top 10 most innovative music videos

By Hub

The top 10 most innovative music videos – these 10 music videos are all gamechangers, and currently the best music videos in the world.

8th May 2012

Stop Motion Animation: The Best of the Best.

By Hub

Levi Roots and Wallace & Gromit. One is a sauce-peddling, calypso-singing entrepreneur, and the other is a crime-fighting, bread-baking double-act that have stolen the hearts of a nation. These two national institutions rarely cross paths. One is a testament to British entrepreneurship, the other to British animation. The advertising & animation agency that grew out [...]