Henderson Global Investors

Henderson Global Investors is a global investment company. They currently manage £100.9bn and employ more than 1,000 members of staff worldwide.


Henderson Insight Campaign

Henderson Global Investors currently manage a client investment portfolio of £100.9bn and employ more than 1,000 members of staff worldwide.

In 2014 Hub were initially successful in winning the contract for Henderson’s rebranding content strategy, but since that time we have worked on a number of strategies and content creation for Henderson’s, and most recently, the Henderson Insight campaign.

Having identified that there were a substantial number of people across the UK who had significant savings in their bank accounts, earning little or no interest due to the current financial climate, Hub carried out an insight project to identify why these savers aren’t investing. This included both primary and secondary research, resulting in four persona types and a customer experience map that was then used to develop the right blend of social video to speak directly to those people.

Due to launch in April 2017, the two year campaign aims to build trust, demystify investment processes and present facts in a clear, jargon free way to those new to, or unsure of, investing.