The Brief 

HSBC approached Hub as they wanted to implement a strategy that targeted senior level decision makers in a range of organisations, from SMEs to multinationals, who were looking to expand their operation globally. HSBC chose to partner with CNBC as a distribution channel to access this target audience, primarily through a branded global webinar series that Hub would produce and implement. 

It was our task to bring every element of the webinar package to life, from production to marketing. The campaign included a sign-up registration, social campaign across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, a global media plan as well as a period of promotion. 

Our Strategy 

The webinar series was themed around the complex subject of global trade, set in major financial city hubs around the world. Each webinar would focus upon a specific subject related to global trade. 

Hub designed a graphical design language and implemented it across title sequences, in-show VT segments, studio backdrop designs to make the video content more engaging. We also created brand spots, online sign-up digital registration drivers to directly attract an audience for the series.

The webinar series was distributed via a targeted email campaign, across relevant social channels and across the CNBC network. A combination of digital banner ads, social and broadcast content drivers took viewers to a lead generation registration page where they were asked to enter the contact details in order to access the live and on-demand content.  

To keep the conversation going and ensure that viewers were engaged in between the live webinar streams, Hub also created additional content for a branded blog on 


The webinars enabled HSBC, as a brand, to own the concept of a new age of global trade. It also helped to position its senior executives as thought leaders in this broad economic space.