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by Ursie Downes16/08/2017

This week, we take a look at 5 of the best TV ads from charities from 2017 so far. 

WWF – Age of Man

Coupled with a distinct voice-over, reminiscent of Attenborough’s Planet Earth, Age of Man takes a different tact from the format we usually expect from a charity ad. Instead of seeing heart-wrenching imagery of the destruction of the world, WWF’s visuals here capture some of the earth’s most diverse and awe inspiring landscapes. The voice over takes no prisoners though, in its honesty about the impact humans have on our planet, and the resounding message here is one of looking to the future.

The Specialized Foundation – Outride ADHD

This ad from The Specialized Foundation exposes the frustration of being a student with ADHD. The use of  contrasting light and dark scenes in this ad explores the feeling of ‘otherness’ that people with mental health disorders can sometimes experience. Whilst the lighter scenes reveal the isolation people with ADHD often experience in social or difficult situations, the darker scenes reflect a sense of freedom, or hiding from the fast-paced world.

Amnesty International – 25 Annoying Things About Being Pregnant

In this ad, Amnesty International Ireland adopt an internet favourite format, listing a click-bait-worthy ‘25 annoying things about pregnancy’. The video takes its shape in the way we expect it to, but the narration slowly takes a different and more serious tone.

Allstate Foundation – The Purple Purse

Allstate Foundation conducts their own social experiment in this ad, asking if Lyft riders would involve themselves in a stranger’s relationship. The action is filmed on a seemingly secret camera on the dashboard of the car, and we watch as riders in the taxi discover a bag that isn’t theirs. If you saw a stranger’s text messages, that terrified you – what would you do?

RNLI – Float To Live

Would you know how to react if you fell into cold and deep waters? RNLI released this dramatic advert in May, and although brief, the intense underwater footage and muffled sound illustrates just how frightening drowning could be. 

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