In the latest episode of Digital Trailblazer’s, we explore the early and present-day productions of branded content mogul Charlie Mawer – Executive Creative Director of Red Bee, a creative agency with firm roots in the world of BBC entertainment. We speak to Charlie about how the culture of video consumption has changed and how today’s audiences now use and digest video, almost subconsciously, on a daily basis. 

Charlie cut his teeth in a traditional ad agency environment but found his feet helping to create and develop the foundation for branded video content – which was at that time know as long-form ad-funded programming.

Red Bee produces commercials and branded content for major brands, runs and manages video-on-demand for nearly 600 TV channels and delivers more than 2.7 million hours of programming per year.

Being a bit of a video branded content pioneer, Charlie takes us through some of the projects he worked on in his early years and how it became the branded video content that we engage today. Charlie highlights some great examples of entertaining branded-content work which use strong editorial positioning and insights into audience engagement. Speaking about the crucial move into video-online which has helped break down certain industry regulations on how products can be featured.

Finally, Charlie enlightened us with his educated predictions on the future of video branded content.

Watch the full interview with Charlie below:

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