Greater Than 11%

ARoughly three months ago I launched – Greater than 11%, a podcast all about creative roles, journeys and opportunities. Sparked by a statistic I heard at a Creative Equals event in May, that, at that point in time, only 11% of women held the role of Creative Director within the media industry. It made me sit bolt upright as if I had been poked with a cattle prod.

11% – I mean it is almost unbelievable, but then again it isn’t.

Fuelled by alarm and dismay, I found myself contemplating what I could do to increase that abysmal figure. After some consideration, I reasoned that if you aren’t aware of what roles, careers paths or jobs are out there, then you can’t ever aspire or work towards inhabiting them – and that is even before entering the battleground of opportunity.

Creating a free and accessible resource that would promote creative roles became my primary objective. As an avid listener of podcasts, for both education and leisure, this became the obvious solution in contributing to readdressing the industry-wide imbalance.

To date, ten episodes of the Greater than 11% podcast have gone live, interviewing a range of women about their roles, their creative journeys and what skills are required to carry out their job. My goal is to run the podcast for a year – with a total of 50 episodes.

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Below is a brief overview of each of contributors to date, you can listen to their episode to find out more about their creative careers.

Basia Kuznar – Assistant Costume Designer & Cutter

Basia Kuznar Costume Designer and Cutter
Basia changed careers and countries, leaving her consulting job at PWC in Warsaw, Poland and came to London to study Costume Interpretation. She was part of the design team who recently won an Emmy, for Best Period Costumes, for the ‘Dear Mrs Kennedy’ episode, Season 2 of ‘The Crown.’

Laura Francies – Senior Editor

Laura Francies Senior Editor
Laura knew from an early age that she wanted to be a film & tv editor, but didn’t know anyone in the industry. She got her foot in the door in a Soho edit house as a runner, and through her persistence and handwork, managed to become an editor at Discovery within five years.

Anna Valdez Hanks – Cinematographer

Anna Valdez Hanks Cinematographer
Anna was studying medicine when she realised it wasn’t for her. She took a film course at a local college where she was ‘radicalised’ by her teachers and drawn to the camera. Anna was the first ever cinematographer to be named by BAFTA as a Breakthrough Brit and won the Best Cinematography for her work on ‘Mile End’ at the Filmmaker International 2016 festival.

Maria Petrides – Independent Writer

Maria Petrides Independent Writer
Maria is an Independent Writer whose practice includes poetry, art and fiction. Maria has won several awards for her writing and is one of the co-founders of ‘pick nick’, an artist collective that brings together various practices of research, to facilitate collaborations between artists, writers and curators.

Hannah Wastnidge – Makeup Artist

Hannah Wastnidge - Makeup Artist
Hannah first studied set and costume design, before realising her affinity with hair and makeup and deciding to retrain. She is now a freelance makeup artist, having worked with runway models for London and Paris Fashion Weeks as well as on editorial shoots for magazines such as ID and Vogue.

Rina Cheung – Senior Designer

Rina Cheung - Senior Designer
Rina’s creative adventure started with her studying graphic design. Her work has spanned many industries, including; fashion, music, film, and the arts and media. She has also worked in art departments for feature films, and she produces both video and photo shoots.

Astrid Goldsmith – Director, Model Maker and Stop Frame Animator

Astrid Goldsmith - Director, Model Maker and Stop Frame Animator
Astrid is an animator, specialising primarily in puppet stop motion. Her multi-award winning film, ‘Squirrel Island’, took eight years to complete. Her new film, ‘Quarantine’, premiered on the 19th of November, as part of the BFI & BBC4 Animation 2018.

Penny Woolcock – Documentary, Film and Opera Director

Penny Woolcock - Documentary, Film and Opera Director
Penny Woolcock is a multi-award winning documentary, film, tv and opera director as well as an artist. Her documentaries focus on communities within the margins, and for her films, she tends to use untrained actors. She has directed operas for the New York’s Metropolitan, and her show, ‘Fantastic Cities’ recently opened at Modern Art Oxford.

Lucienne Roberts & Rebecca Wright – Design Advocates

Lucienne Roberts & Rebecca Wright - Design Advocates
Lucienne is founder and director of design studio LucienneRoberts+, and Rebecca is the Programme Director of Graphic Communication Design at Central St Martins. Together they formed GraphicDesign&, a publishing house that advocates for graphic design, what it can do and why it matters. They have produced several fantastic publications, exhibitions and events.

Maria Continenza – Motion Designer

Maria Continenza - Motion Designer
Mari is an incredibly talented freelance Motion Designer. She began working at a tv channel in Italy, where her filming and editing skills were honed, before transitioning into motion design and moved to London. Her designs are joyous you don’t just see them – you experience them.

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