As any video agency will tell you, it’s an important question to ask. There’s been a seismic shift in what is considered to be effective marketing practice. Traditional ‘Above the line/Below the line’ strategies are being scrapped in favour of touchpoint optimisation. With an audience that practically lives online, across multiple devices, and has little to no attention span, it’s become increasingly important to identify their Moments that Matter and, in those moments, deliver content that is relevant and immediately engaging.


According to a study completed by Ipsos, 75% of online consumers in the UK have taken action after seeing a message from a brand that is relevant to them. Content is still very much king, (or should that be customer centric content). As research has shown, consumers are only engaging with 20% of B2C content. Most of us are clearly doing it wrong. That’s why London production company Hub decided to host a seminar that would shed some light on developing an effective customer centric video strategy.


The seminar took place in London and featured presentations from four industry experts. Digital Strategist and Author Justin Kirby discussed the importance of communicating brand purpose, while Hub’s co founder and director of content, David Hunstone, spoke from the perspective of a video agency on the value of meaningful insights. Business Insider’s Creative Director, Katya Ionova, shared her seven rules for effective video content, and Johanna Hansson, Insight Manager at Unruly, laid bare the significance of emotion and cultural understanding when producing customer centric content.


The seminar provided many great pieces of insider knowledge and explored some important questions. Should I be producing content specifically for mobiles? How do you uncover useable insights? Is there a secret for making video that performs well across borders? Does having a purpose actually make a difference or is it just a load of b*llocks?


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