How Hub used Help Content for Whittard

At Hub, we often follow Google’s Triple H strategy when planning content for our clients. Help content answers the question “How are we (as a business/brand) going to help our audience find what they’re searching for?”. Whittard approached Hub as an already established high street brand, with the view of repositioning themselves in the market. They wanted to launch a series of films to show off their exquisite range of teas and establish themselves as a trusted source of expertise in this space.
After conducting an insight phase of research and analytics, we were lead to the notion of creating help content which answered key questions and filled knowledge gaps of less well-known teas. Through research, we found that people would often search for “What is X tea?” and “How to make X tea?”, but there was often a lack of reputable sources for this, leaving this gap to be filled by influencers and third parties. With the evidence backed by the analytics, we were able to determine the initial content to be created as “What is Oolong tea?”, “What is White tea?” as well as “How to brew loose leaf tea?” and “How to make cold brew tea?”.
Response to the four initial pieces of content has been positive and has outperformed expectations, reaching the same audience in 5 days that their previously most successful video took 11 months to achieve, at a cost of less than 1p per view. With an engagement rate of 84%, this also exceeds comparable Help content performance metrics. With further stages of the campaign still to be released, Whittard and Hub are developing a content partnership to roll out successive stages of the video content strategy.

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