Hub’s Favourite Christmas Ads

Every year around this time, Christmas comes early by the way of the festive adverts. Brand heavyweights such as John Lewis, H&M and Boots, gift us with their creative offerings. This year is no exception.

Sainsbury’s, slightly on the back foot, have released something very similar in concept to the John Lewis & Partners rebrand film that aired in September, but still joyous nonetheless. A nativity scene with a contemporary twist that pulls at that heart strings. A big shout out to the plug character, brilliant!

Iceland reversioned the Greenpeace film – ‘There’s an Orangutan in my Bedroom’ in a bid to raise awareness of the damaging impact, using palm oil in food and beauty products, is having on the environment and wildlife. Tagged with #NoPalmOilChristmas – it was banned for broadcast by Clearcast for being ‘too political.’ Social media lit up like a Christmas tree in response to the embargo. Celebrities, activists and the general public have come out in force in support of the advert & campaign. If the aim was to get the message out – Iceland has achieved it.

Argos have created a curious little imp with his heart set on ruining Christmas. His tactical sabotages reflect situations that we have all experienced in the run up to the big day… ‘where has the stick tape disappeared to?’ His devilish laugh almost has you rooting for him but thankfully, Argos’ same day delivery service kicks him in touch.

And then there is the master of the Christmas advert, John Lewis. & Partners (JL&P), who seemed to be holding out on the releasing their much anticipated yearly campaign (because they don’t do things by halves). Thursday the 15th November saw a flurry activity in the press and on social channels, when a beautifully crafted, couldn’t be more on brand JL&P video went live. Shaped around Elton John’s life, we move backwards through time and arrive at a gift – which was the beginnings of the huge talent and career of the man who has gifted so many of us with songs we know and love.

We should also mention’s Lidl’s quick thinking response to the campaign: It’s a Lidl bit funny… and then JL&P’s counter response: It’s a Lidl bit cheaper…- has resulted in ring side seats to brands taking their values, their position and engaging with us, consumers in an intelligent and humorous way. We should also mention Twitter’s Christmas advert is also connected to John Lewis… but not the one we know. The range and quality of content we have seen in the past few weeks has indeed made us feel like all of our Christmases have come at once.