Imagine the most useless parcel in the world; a huge box, all wrapped up prettily with a big red bow, but filled with polystyrene shapes and missing a postal address. It’s nothing special, going nowhere specific.


Without insight, a marketing campaign is just that: a useless parcel.

At Hub, we believe it’s insight that can transform your parcel into an anticipated gift, its contents delighting beyond expectation and feeling so spot-on, so relevant, so personal, that your recipient decides to share their joy online – the Holy Grail for any brand.

Back when there were four terrestrial television channels, a handful of national newspapers, and clearly defined radio stations, it was easy to make generalisations about your target audiences. Now there are thousands of TV and radio networks, cable channels, VOD platforms and myriad places online for consumers to hang out. In a world choc full of noise and choice, the brands making bland broad statements are ignored. Relevancy is the new currency, making the need for profound understanding of the consumer’s new buying behaviours greater than it has ever been.

So where does insight come from?


Looking beyond the metrics of data, insight starts with a question, or a series of questions, that aim to get inside the consumer’s head and find the ’why’, because the ‘why’ is linked to behavior. Crack what motivates a consumer you’re suddenly able to speak their language.

In our recent brand collaboration with Alibaba, the global trading portal, Hub planned and delivered a campaign built on insight. Supported by a client hungry to expand its foothold in the international marketplace, we looked at the behaviours of Alibaba’s target audience: where do they hang out, what are their hopes, fears, dreams, desires? What are the precedents that determine how they think, act and consume.

The result is a blend of content designed to reach people on a personal level – to speak to them directly, in a way that’s more relevant and authentic. Content that aims to stand out from the crowd, such as our six-part series ‘Pop Up, Start Up’, now airing on CNBC worldwide and our supporting suite of case study videos and animated explainers.


All content that brings us back neatly to our parcel – when you know what’s inside, where you want to send it and exactly how you would like the recipient to feel when they finally get to open it, you’re truly delivering content that makes a difference.

Perhaps no better concluding thought for the gifting season.

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Renee Sutherland Headshot

Hub’s Chief Creative Officer, Renee Vaughan Sutherland has been responsible for some of Hub’s largest social video campaigns. She leads on Hub’s creative direction and client briefs.