LinkedIn’s Content and Cocktails: Key Takeaways

1. Be obsessed with storytelling and ingrain that as part of your culture.
Simon from Microsoft
2. Become obsessed with your audience as marketeers and then you create content that your audience will aspire to watch.
– Victoria from EY
3. Build an actual content strategy and after that you can start the move into making all that wonderful content.
– Henry from SJR
4. Ask if you know why you are creating that piece of content in the first place. If you don’t know then stop doing it.
– Liz from LinkedIn
LinkedIn London Content and Cocktails

Previous to the round up we listened to Victoria and Henry talking about how they transformed EY’s approach to content from a technical conversation into a brand conversation. This is an ‘always on’ conversation. As Henry said “You never know when someone is going to search for you on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, you just need to be there at that moment.”

The EY conversation switched from auditing to building a better world. Far more inspiring and interesting. They said their ambition was big, they had relentless focus and worked hard on building support from a senior partner level. All the while, collecting stories that are personal and human from both internal and external stakeholders that would have global appeal.

The impact of this focused approach to content was evident at the recent CMA breakfast when EY was mentioned multiple times as being an inspiration to other B2B brands in how to do content marketing correctly.
These words of wisdom rounded off an informative afternoon before all attendees retired to the fabulous LinkedIn rooftop for sunset cocktails.

They even left a recipe for content success along with a goodie bag containing a swanky cocktail set that I’ll be pulling out for the summer barbeque season! Clearly a few more weekends before that’s needed.

LinkedIn London Content and Cocktails

Great fun and looking forward to more insight from leading brand and content marketers as part of the #contentandcocktails sessions.

Thank you Bian and thank you LinkedIn.

David Hunstone is CEO and director of content for insight-led video strategy and production agency Hub.