by Nathan07/09/2018

Welcome back to The Session – Hub’s ever-evolving Youtube series which launched earlier this summer. Feeling inundated with online clutter, we wanted to create a space where Branded Content makers and commissioners can congregate, to not only discover recent campaigns from industry titans but also where viewers can get to know the creatives behind these campaigns – their approach, thinking and process.

This week we were joined by Jonathan Quint – Marketing Director at Saucony. Hub worked with Jonny earlier this year on Saucony’s White Noise, a campaign which increased Saucony’s site traffic by 26% in its first two weeks.

Having worked up close and personal with the Saucony, we were keen to get Jonny into the studio – not only to reflect on the White Noise campaign but also to hear his insights on the sports branding landscape, what was trending and where it’s heading. This week’s content review includes powerful pieces from of the top names in the industry.

Lynx – Join The Lynx Gold Brotherhood

Lynx Gold’s latest ad features none other than British Boxing champion, Anthony Joshua. It uses gold in almost every single frame – associating the everyday average-Joe’s, with their own journey to Gold Medal success. We loved seeing Anthony’s more humorous side here following his appearance in the Lucozade’s emotive Made to Move ad last year.

1,623 Youtube views in 24 hours.

Under Armour – Madison de Rozario: Will Finds A Way

Under Armour’s We Will campaign, tells the stories of athletes who have overcome adversity in their career. Not only are each one of the videos in the campaign beautifully shot, but each depicts a level of vulnerability we often don’t see from titanic professional athletes. Rozario is never shown training in makeup or with styled hair. Under Armour are careful to place the focus here on the mental focus required from athletes to push their bodies to their limits. The result is a campaign that feels raw and real, but we’re left wondering why this hasn’t had more views?

709 Youtube views in a month, at time of blog posting.

Nike – Awaken The Phantom

It’s no surprise that Nike’s new film, supporting the release of their new football boot, has had such high viewing figures. With an endless list of world-class footballers, in addition to the highly sophisticated shots, editing and CGI – Nike has created something truly epic (again). Playing into the ‘Phantom’ name, the piece cleverly adopts themes and characteristics of classic horror films, with a definite nod to Netflix’s Stranger Things.

2,712,031 Youtube views in the first month.

Converse – Chucks + Back to School = A+

Converse’s latest piece is quite surprising. Consisting of a very simple premise and an incredibly short running time – Converse have managed to blow viewing stats out of the water. With over 7-million views within three weeks, it just goes to show that simple ideas can often be the most effective ones. There’s something really astonishing about campaigns like this that are so straightforward on the surface but then erupt across all social channels.

7,255,620 Youtube views in 3 weeks of launching.

Ikea – Spinning Tea Cups

Ikea’s Spinning Cups has had all of us in the office saying “we want to make something like that!”. Spinning Cups is a short, sharp advert that is as funny as it is colourful. In terms of its performance, its view count has been climbing rapidly, reaching almost 1.5 million views in a month. Whilst the view count doesn’t quite reach the lofty heights of Nike’s – it certainly breaks the mould of traditional furniture ads.

1,376,630 Youtube views in the first month.

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