by Nathan14/09/2018

Welcome back to The Session – Hub’s ever-evolving Youtube series which launched earlier this summer. Feeling inundated with online clutter, we wanted to create a space where Branded Content makers and commissioners can congregate, to not only discover recent campaigns from industry titans but also where viewers can get to know the creatives behind these campaigns – their approach, thinking and process.

During this week’s episode of The Session, we were joined by Creative Director of the renowned agency, McCann, Stuart Wilson. Working for such an iconic and well-established agency, Stuart has been working with some of the biggest brands, internationally and has played an integral role in creating some of the world’s most recognised campaigns.

Having spoken about the two recently successful and controversial campaigns from Lucozade Sport, and Nike, in this week’s Session Review, we also came across some wonderful pieces of content that are certainly worth a mention;

Lucozade Sport – Anthony Joshua, B Active

Lucozade Sport have delivered another fantastic short featuring Anthony Joshua. This is an incredibly emotive piece that’s engineered to make you feel inspired, motivated and ready to take the world by storm. On the subject of Joshua’s journey to success, the film focuses on overcoming the challenging moments, the art of determination and how this can be applied to any craft.

19,587 YouTube views in 3 days.

Nike – Colin Kaepernick

This is the Nike campaign that received, arguably, some of the most mixed reviews in history. Following Colin Kaepernick’s kneel, and refusal to place his hand on his chest during America’s National Anthem in 2015 – the famous Quarterback was let go from San Francisco’s 49’ers and it appeared his life began to fall to pieces. Nike released Colin Kaepernick’s “Just Do It” advert, which delivered the powerful message of ‘Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything” sparked outrage across the US, as people began burning their Nike shoes and boycotting the brand as a whole – Even Donald Trump tweeted; “The issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race. It is about respect for our Country, Flag and National Anthem. NFL must respect this!”. For others, the campaign evoked positive emotions such as; determination, self-belief and the overall appreciation of individuality.

395,660 YouTube views in at the time of posting.

BRAC – Space On Earth

BRAC have partnered with Texel Foundation to create an incredibly hard-hitting and emotional campaign to help raise awareness of the million people of Rohingya that were forced to seek refuge in Bangladesh, last year. The concept is beautiful, to share the stories and the messages of the Rohingya children, by sending them into the stratosphere.

50k YouTube views in 5 days.

Ikea – Lamp 2

Ikea’s advert ‘Lamp 2’ is a surprisingly emotional piece with a subliminal message that encourages us to reuse. Personifying the once ‘rejected’ desk lamp and showing its ability to create new memories is the perfect segway to creating this message. It also uses a great sense of humour as it’s message is abruptly interrupted by a man who delivers this statement directly to our face.

Nearly 20k YouTube views in 4 days.

Chase – Serena Williams – Mama Said Knock You Out.

Serena Williams features in Chase’s new film, paying tribute to being a mother. Featuring LL Cool J’s classic track – the beautifully shot film is as strong, defiant and motivating as Serena Williams is.

132,467 YouTube views within 2 weeks.

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