by Nathan26/09/2018

Welcome back to The Session, Hub’s ever-evolving Youtube series which launched early this year. Feeling inundated with online clutter, we wanted to create a space where content makers and commissioners can congregate, to not only discover recent campaigns from industry titans but also where viewers can get to know the creatives behind these campaigns – their approach, thinking and process.

On this week’s episode of The Session, we were joined by Camilla Petty, Founder of Design Club. Camilla was once Global Head of Strategy at Wolf Ollins but has since begun her own journey, working as a Freelance Strategy Director.

Imagine – easyJet

Leaving behind lurid orange seats and bad in-flight meals, EasyJet’s most recent advert soars above their previous marketing. Not only are the visuals unique but the underlying message of dreaming and escapism are perfect for their jet-setting target market. Using stylised transitions with a mix of live action and highly detailed animation to guide the viewer on a seamless journey, ‘Imagine’ leaves us wanting to pack our suitcases and get to the airport.

36,617 views on Youtube at the time of posting

Celebrating Teachers: A Moment In Search

Google’s most recent ad shines a spotlight on teachers, in all their glory. From “How to become a teacher” to “How to inspire my students” Google pulls at our heartstrings, showing us some of the questions teachers ask Google. We’re left with the heartwarming knowledge that even outside of the classroom, great teachers are always learning something new to improve their craft.
4,660,046 views on Youtube at the time of posting

160,000 children

The latest ad from Women’s Aid is brilliant, shocking and clever. Their use of age certification at the start has us holding our breath. Throughout, the ad cuts to black, erasing sections of assumed domestic violence from the visual narrative. The final shot is an open door and a little boy watching the entire scene; his father beating his mother. Women’s Aid close the ad with a hard-hitting fact: 160,000 children are living with domestic violence.
4,762 views on Youtube at the time of posting

Heineken | Formula 1 | Perfect Man

This beautifully shot, witty ad takes place at a Formula 1 after party, where David Coulthard is advised by a team of people through an earpiece how to perfectly socialize at the Formula 1 after party. With sweeping drone shots and stylised set design, the ad ends with the closing message of “Great performances are always a team effort. That’s Heineken.”
1,556 views on Youtube at the time of posting

Audi Technology – Escape (Extended Cut)

A step away from the norm of television advertising and into the realm of cinematically choreographed action, this new commercial from Audi is exciting and energetic. There’s a clever nod to some of the most recognisable character tropes in action films but in the end, the shiniest black Audis we’ve ever seen turn out to be the best place to escape to.
103,475 views on Youtube at the time of posting

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