by Nathan19/10/2018

Welcome back to The Session – Hub’s ever-evolving Youtube series which launched earlier this summer. Feeling inundated with online clutter, we wanted to create a space where Branded Content makers and commissioners can congregate, to not only discover recent campaigns from industry titans but also where viewers can get to know the creatives behind these campaigns – their approach, thinking and process.

Joining us this week was Jemima Bird, Founder of Hello Finch. Hello Finch is an incredible collective of agencies that pairs talented strategy with equally talented creative agencies. Jemima has worked across a variety of industries and sectors, eventually finding her way into marketing and as an outcome, has an incredibly wholesome and refined understanding of every intricacy of the industry. This week we came across some incredibly noteworthy content that’s worth a mention.

Just Do It: Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya is the main feature of Nike’s latest piece, as part of the Just Do It campaign. As ever, Nike manages to pull on our heartstrings, and delivers an incredibly heartwarming piece. With its use of rewinding time, we see Caster questioning each step of her life, down to her first step – addressing the audience’s perception of her throughout. Another inspiring piece from Nike.
11M YouTube views on published date.

Uber: Doors Are Always Opening

Through it’s energetic and upbeat pace, Uber’s latest ad arguably suggests two different things. From one perspective we see Uber through its consumers perspective: a series of adventures and inspiring journeys, that are made easier with the use of Uber. However on the other side, perhaps Uber are suggesting that by coming and joining the company as a driver – you are endeavouring on a journey of your own, that will take you to many different places, and open up different avenues for you. Either way it’s a refreshing and adventurous alternative to Uber’s previous installments, which mainly focus on the safety and the practicality of Uber’s services.
4.5M YouTube views on published date.

Ogilvy – Ask Twice

Ogilvy’s latest piece addresses male mental health, but with a pinch of humour. We can quite quickly see that one of the two friends should be in a great deal of pain, however when being asked “Are you okay?” – the man responds quite positively. Only when asked again does the man confess his emotions to his friend. It’s a cunning and buoyant way at tackling a dark subject, that right now is paramount.
1,303 YouTube views on published date.

Diesel – Hate Couture FW18

Although originally published at the end of September, Diesel’s campaign is definitely worth a mention. Featuring big names such as Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane and many more – the campaign combats online bullying and negativity within social media. Starting off with a weighted sombre feel, the piece ends with explosive and uplifting dances, whilst the artists wear items of clothing displaying the hurtful things people say.
121,911 YouTube views on published date.

Google Assistant: Now On Smartscreen

Google’s new piece showcasing the Google Assistant is fast paced and entertaining. It’s use of humour is a refreshing change for Google, and talks directly to its consumer by highlighting all of the weird and wonderful things that we search for on the web. Its approach is very direct in that we’re exposed to how easy life could be with the aid of Google’s new smart screens.
12.5M YouTube views on published date.

Be sure to watch Jemima Bird’s episode of The Session, on the link below.

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