by Nathan09/11/2018

Welcome back to The Session – Hub’s ever-evolving Youtube series which launched earlier this summer. Feeling inundated with online clutter, we wanted to create a space where Branded Content makers and commissioners can congregate, to not only discover recent campaigns from industry titans but also where viewers can get to know the creatives behind these campaigns – their approach, thinking and process.

This week we were delighted to be joined by Cathy Hutton, Co-Founder and Creative Director of a start-up agency, Jolly Rebellion. Cathy has been the Creative Director of some huge agencies, including Leo Burnett, Grey and Karmarama. During Cathy’s Session episode, we discussed everything from her creative background to starting her own venture, setting up and establishing her own agency, Jolly Rebellion. We also came across some noteworthy content along the way.

Mini USA – Camping by Nix + Gerber

This piece from Mini USA, promoting their new range of Countryman cars has evoked conflicting thoughts. Whilst it is colourful, beautiful, and imaginative – it feels like the idea doesn’t translate onto film. Cathy mentions during the episode that it feels like it would have worked better as a physical exhibition and that the mechanics and the engineering of the car were absent.

10k YouTube views to date.

Virgin Atlantic – Depart The Everyday

Virgin Atlantic’s latest piece transports us away from the stresses and the worries of flying and takes us to an alternate reality where flying is your time to relax and escape. Through its use of upbeat music, it’s bright colours and its variation, Virgin manages to spark our desire to fly, and to escape in style.

42k Youtube views to date.

Smart Energy GB – Save Your Energy

Smart Energy GB’s comedic piece has had huge success when it comes to viewing figures, with over 2.5 Million in its first week! Although a simple idea, it’s incredibly charming, entertaining and puts a smile on your face.

2.5m YouTube views to date.

3 – Phones Are Good

3’s latest aim is to change the way we perceive mobile phones, through the use of humour and a slight tweak in history. Re-imagining huge historical moments, with the aid of mobile phones, is the witty change that mobile phone strategies need.

1.1m YouTube views to date

BT Sport – Wunderman – The Garden Drop

BT Sport’s new piece by Wunderman is quite simple but quite sweet. Footballer Junior Hoilett, who plays for Cardiff City, is found delivering personalised BT footballs by kicking them into the gardens of Cardiff residents. Relatively straightforward – but nice nonetheless.

1.2k YouTube views to date.

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