Valentine’s Day is a time for celebrating our loved ones, even if that isn’t a partner. February 14th also represents an excellent opportunity for brands to tell their own stories and project a campaign or offer onto loved up viewers. Here’s a look back on some great examples of Valentine’s Day adverts, perfectly showing how video can elicit a response from consumers to a brand.


“The best Valentine’s Day gifts start with a thought.” In this ad from 2017, Boots tell several short stories in which partners are doing something thoughtful for their other halves. We see hand cream for the fisherman, fragrance for the long distance lover. Rather than advertising products, Boots have communicated the emotion behind the purchases and created a powerful advert in the process.


McDonald’s – Pay With Lovin’

Looking back to 2015, McDonald’s ran a commercial that used Valentine’s Day love in a slightly different way. In this video, used as a Superbowl ad, customers are asked to pay using love, to either partners or family members. Some of this takes place over the phone, but some takes place in store. Rather than romantic love, much of this love is to family members, a nice change to the Valentine’s advert format. We especially like the mother who tells her son she loves his compassion.



This advert from Expedia in 2015 uses some great amateur footage to get across their Valentine’s Day message. It features couples of all ages, in all locations, embracing at all times of the day. Short, sweet and above all powerful, Expedia tell lovers to get a room this Valentine’s Day, and they’ll get $50 off the price.

A twist on the classic, this advert from takes the viewer down a well-trodden path, before delivering a twist even M Night Shyamalan would be proud of. As we watch our male lead prepare for what looks like a Valentine’s Day date, we anticipate a date arriving. Instead, it is a group of male friends invited to watch the football. Match then tell all singles to enjoy being single, it won’t last… This is an excellent piece of storytelling in just under a minute.