This week’s selection includes powerful ads from Miscarriage Association and P&G, an ad from Volkswagen featuring a blind photographer, a dramatic ad from Royal Mail, and an insight into the imagination of a child from Fruit of the Loom.


This powerful animation from the Miscarriage Association looks at the things you shouldn’t say to someone who has experienced a miscarriage. The typography creates a sobering narration throughout this advert and the considered pace of the motion graphics is perfectly in keeping with this difficult topic.


In this advert, Volkswagen answer two questions we weren’t expecting them to – Can a photographer be blind? And can a car be art? Blind visual artist Pete Eckert describes how he uses his other senses to create photographs that express what he can sense in this new ad from Volkswagen.

Royal Mail

Royal Mail create a dramatic heist in their latest ad, highlighting the importace of identity protection, suggesting that people should be more mindful of their personal details than their money or belongings.


This powerful advert from P&G highlights discrimination that black people face. P&G piece together intimate conversations between parent and child about the realities of racism and the cinematic portrayal of these conversations results in a highly emotive advert.

Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom perfectly capture childhood imagination here, using CGI to create mystical lands and magic wands, this transports us straight back to our childhoods. The kids take centre stage in this advert, but the ending resonates with just about every parent who’s ever walked in on an unexpected graffiti project.