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by Nicole Tanzabel30/06/2017

Whilst we all struggle with the British summertime, from humid heatwaves, to heavy downpours, wondering each day before we head out whether we should take our sunglasses or a brollie, summer nevertheless remains a time for holidays and celebration. 

Here are our five top ads that have tapped into the summer vibe and keep us hopeful for the return of sunshine.


Featuring a real life family in Australia with their mother/grandmother living in the UK, this mini-documentary style story tugs at the heartstrings of those of us with families living overseas. The hand-written letter, the tickets, and the tears are all real. A refreshingly authentic campaign at a time when some brands have tried to trick us into believing their adverts feature real life people in unscripted situations – think Knorr’s Love at First Taste. The advert introduces the Qantas Dreamliner, which offers the first non-stop flights from the UK to Perth.


In this innovative ad Bacardi captures the colours, heat, and rhythm of summer with the help of its Caribbean soundtrack. The ad follows on the back of last month’s announcement that Bacardi is partnering up with dance favourites Major Lazer in a series of concerts entitled “The Sound of Rum”. 


Focusing on human curiosity and how it can bring people closer together, despite our differences, this ad from Heathrow celebrates people’s desire to wonder and discover. The ad opens on a grand scale with a tiny toddler wandering over to the towering two-storey high terminal windows across which flies a jumbo jet. The magnitude is also furthered by a combination of subtly stirring music with a voiceover by London-born Star Wars actor John Boyega, gently guiding us through the advert and airport. Bookended by the scene of the wide-eyed gazing toddler, young children feature prominently throughout as Boyega encourages us to continue to foster our child-like wonder throughout our lives as doing so brings the human race closer together, a point punctuated by scenes of emotional greetings as loved-ones reunite.


Opening with a tongue-in-cheek voiceover we are transported into a series of sweeping aerial shots of Sweden’s stunning wilderness, we’re suddenly brought down to earth with a close-up of a couple hugging, which cuts to them relaxing by the side of a tranquil lake. Whilst the visual feast of expansive terrains and beautiful scenery continues, the voiceover explains what the freedom to roam means in Sweden: a legal right allowing people to move freely in nature; to eat wild berries, swim in the lakes, and sleep under the stars. To share all of this, Visit Sweden has listed the entire country on Airbnb. Brilliant!


Hub really likes the whole Spend it Well campaign, but our favourite so far is this summer’s food advert. Known for beautiful close up food shots in their advertising, M&S use these shots with arresting affect in this film by combining them with summer landscapes. From a blood red sunset, to barbecues and ice creams, every second of this advert has us dreaming of summer holidays and delicious meals. “Pick up your knife and fork and get ready to travel.” 

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