In September this year, Hub produced a webcast on The Changing Face of Branded Content. Featuring panellists from JWT, MediaCom, CNBC and Hub, the conversation focused on branded content projects that the group have recently worked on, unpicking some of the key factors that have led their branded content projects to success. Hub followed up with webcast panellist and Global Creative Director of J. Walter Thompson, Jaspar Shelbourne, to find out more about JWT’s recent insight and branded content projects.

Branded Content

Shell Helix – Driven to Extremes

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“What long-form content can do at its best is that it creates an instant spike of interest”

– Jaspar Shelbourne

To promote Shell’s Helix Ultra premium oil, JWT created a three-part branded content series Shell Helix Driven to Extremes, featuring stars Tom Hardy, Adrien Brody and Henry Cavill, showcasing Helix’s adaptability in the coldest, hottest and roughest roads on the planet.

From competitions to community building, Jaspar spoke to us about the importance of creating a full suite of content to engage audiences and keep up brand momentum, even after content has stopped airing. Employing a 3-pronged approach to each branded content project, Jaspar summarises that: Drawing your audience in, engaging with them, then keeping them is what JWT strive to achieve as a content agency.

Jaspar also spoke about the importance of consumer research in branded content, asking creators to ask themselves “Honestly, will [your target market] find this interesting?” Jaspar recognises the need for content to resonate with its intended audience, and considers that in this fast-paced and content-crammed world, time is the new currency, and the amount of time consumers elect to spend with you, is the new measure of how relevant your brand is. 


Female Tribes

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“Women buy 74% of everything in the world that can be bought. So, if you’re a manufacturer, or if you’re a retailer, and you really haven’t done everything you can do to understand women – hopes, dreams, aspirations, market-to-market – then you need to acquire that information really quickly.”


J. Walter Thompson are conducting a global, living study on the largest consumer category in the world: women. We spoke to Jaspar about Female Tribes to find out why JWT are championing women in their research. “Understanding your audience, particularly this prolific relevant audience which, let’s face it, constitutes half the planet, getting better at that is a marketing advantage to virtually anybody.”

Jaspar also spoke with us about some of the unbelievable journeys he had learnt about since the project started and discussed how these inspiring stories can help change the conversations that brands have with women.