There is so much to think of when creating videos that the basics can be overlooked. But by getting these basics right, you give your video the best possible chance of maximising its performance.


Google still dominates online search and in conjunction with that, YouTube is owned by them. This means there is a direct link between search and video. A report from Forrester found that ‘pages with videos are 53 times more likely to rank on page one of a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) than pages without videos’.

A robust SEO strategy should  ensure that there is brand consistency across each video. This is because an effective SEO strategy is based upon a brand’s values, its goals, the target market and its keywords.


SEO takes into consideration many things, including the quality of website content, the speed of loading web pages, properly tagged images as well as the dwell time visitors are spending on individual website pages. This dwell time is important as it can lower bounce rates, which is where people leave a page immediately after landing on it. The lower the bounce rate, the more value Google perceives you are giving visitors.

Search engines rely on text information so videos need to have punchy, on brand titles to boost SEO but also promote the product.


Engagement from viewers, including views, shares and comments, will all help to give an indiction on the performance of the video. It will also provide information for Google’s indexing which translates to page rankings. A good video agency will work to understand a brands marketing strategy, and the message it is communicating, to create a video strategy that is part of the overall marketing collateral.