David Hunstone photo
David Hunstone

Co-founder and Director of Content

Kate Paterson photo
Kate Paterson

Co-founder and COO

Isabel Odlin photo
Isabel Odlin

Chief People Person

Paul Philips photo
Paul Philips

Non-Executive Director

Amarat Sehgal photo
Amarat Sehgal


Ursie Downes photo
Ursie Downes

Lead Creative Producer

James Harverson photo
James Harverson

Technical Director

Ollie Jamieson photo
Ollie Jamieson

Studio operator

Chengwang Liu photo
Chengwang Liu

Studio Operator

Natalie Wilsher photo
Natalie Wilsher

Production Manager

Charlie Hubbard photo
Charlie Hubbard


Sohail Sahab photo
Sohail Sahab

Head of Insight

Rina Cheung photo
Rina Cheung

Senior Designer

Rodrigo Valladares S. photo
Rodrigo Valladares S.


Shawn Chen photo
Shawn Chen

PR Specialist

Claire Kingston photo
Claire Kingston

Head of Business Development

Karen Woods photo
Karen Woods

Strategic Development Director

Jessica Crimin photo
Jessica Crimin

Head of Events

Sully Zamuner photo
Sully Zamuner

Account Manager

Sam Trousdale photo
Sam Trousdale

Head of Search

Leigh Dippenaar photo
Leigh Dippenaar


Daniel Hills photo
Daniel Hills

Media Manager

Sebastian Mille photo
Sebastian Mille

Events Coordinator

Kate Cotterill photo
Kate Cotterill

Client Services Director

Harriet Botwright photo
Harriet Botwright

Account Manager

Ben Mehmet photo
Ben Mehmet

Assistant Editor

Renee Vaughan photo
Renee Vaughan

Creative Director

Ally Cavendish photo
Ally Cavendish

Production Assistant

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