Distribution and Promotion

Distribution and Promotion

Content distribution and promotion is a vital step in your marketing journey. The content we create will only be effective if you can get the right audiences to engage with it at the right time. Whether it’s PPC, organic social or paid social, we’ll make sure that your content is distributed on the most effective channels to guarantee engagement and drive sales. Our insight-led content seeding will disperse creative content across the Internet efficiently, finding the best platforms to reach the people who matter the most. 

Organic Social Promotion 

As social media becomes ever present in our daily lives, platforms like Facebook and YouTube have become immensely powerful marketing tools for brands. Using organic social allows your brands to connect with audiences through multiple platforms. Social promotion can help you achieve your business objectives, including increasing website traffic, accelerating conversions, raising brand awareness and improving engagement with audiences. At Hub we’ll create a content promotion calendar and plan when to promote your content across different social channels to ensure that your content reaches the right audiences at the right time. 

Content distribution

Email marketing 

Deliver your content straight to your target audience’s inbox with email marketing. Today, email remains a really important component of digital marketing and is a fantastic tool which allows your brand to build brand awareness and engage with audiences. We’ll create email marketing content that resonates with your audience and delivers results.


With outreach, the ultimate goal is to build credible backlinks to your content. This works to push your site up the rankings to the coveted top spots on search engines, ensuring searchers are clicking on your links over your competitors. First we’ll conduct an in-depth audit of the existing authority of your site and work to craft a robust outreach strategy to work your way up to the top. We’ll then reach out to our network of journalists, bloggers and other influencers in your sector to leverage your brand’s authority and direct traffic to your website. Through our outreach process, we’ll secure coverage that drives engagement and improves your brand’s visibility.

content distribution and paid social

Paid Social

Paid social is a great way to raise brand awareness and convert leads. At Hub, we’ll use our research and insights to tailor ad content to your different target audiences and make sure your return on investment is maximised. Using ad tools, we’ll create, schedule and post tailored social ads that will reach your intended audience. 


Pay-per-click advertising allows you to reach the people who are searching for your product or service. We’ll craft a PPC campaign that achieves results and directs your target audience towards your website. Using our data analysis and keyword insights, the Hub team will perfect a strategy to make sure that you reach exactly who you want to reach. From search engine text ads, to display banners and video ads, our PPC campaigns will be tailored to your business and brand. We’ll also measure your campaigns after they’ve been launched to ensure that we can increase conversion rates.