In a multi-channel world, the need to resonate with your audience has never been more critical. With more and more talented creatives breaking through the ranks, standing out is paramount. Perfecting your marketing strategy is key to ensuring that your brand receives the attention it deserves. After we’ve conducted research and gained insights into your target audience, your competitors and your existing content and its performance, we will devise a strategy that encompasses all the steps necessary to achieve your goals. With an emphasis on creating content that converts, we’ll develop strategy for content production, distribution and promotion, measurement and analysis, optimisation and ongoing research.

Content Creation

Working across different types of content, from marketing to internal and external communications to video content, we’ll use our insight-led approach to develop a content strategy that has a lasting impact. 

Our content framework approach helps us define a clear structure for your content strategy. After a context discovery of your brand and in-depth research of your competitors, the market and audience, we’ll devise a content framework that achieves your business objectives. Whether you’re looking to boost visibility or build connections with your customers and community, we will craft a bespoke content strategy that addresses your target audience’s needs and elevates your brand’s image.

Hub content strategy

Distribution and promotion 

In order for your content to be seen by its intended audience and generate conversions, it’s important to nail your content promotion and distribution strategy. Using our insights, we’ll plan a strategy that delivers high performance and helps your business achieve its goals. From our research, we’ll be able to know how best to target your different audiences, whether it’s through social media channels, paid advertising or email marketing. Our strategy will assign your content to the most appropriate distribution channels, ensuring that your different content formats are effectively positioned to target your audience. 

Measurement and analysis 

A robust measurement strategy is essential to effective marketing. Working collaboratively, we’ll identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and then monitor and analyse the performance of your content closely to provide a holistic assessment of your marketing effort. We’ll then be able to identify key areas of your content that may need to be optimised. 

Hub content strategy

Ongoing research 

We’ll devise a strategy for conducting ongoing qualitative and quantitative research and analysis to ensure that your content is as effective as possible. Once your content goes live, we’ll carry out research to understand your target audience’s response to your content and analyse this reaction and engagement. We’ll also take a look at your competitors and the changing needs of your target audience. This ongoing research will provide insight into the future strategy, ensuring that you make the most of your investment.