Video Production

Video Production

Video production is at the very heart of what we do. Our talented team of producers, editors and crew bring their unique perspectives together to conceptualise and create video content that showcases the best of your brand. As marketing and video production specialists we can help you with social media video marketing, commercial video marketing and your overall video marketing strategy. 

Hub’s insight-driven approach allows us to create video content that connects with your audience and helps your brand grow. Whether you’re looking to make marketing videos for social media or corporate videos, we’ll be able to give your brand a voice that people will listen to. 

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Video Content Audit

We can audit your existing video content to really understand which content works best for your brand. We’ll analyse and assess the quality and usefulness of your current video offering, as well as highlighting gaps and how you can address them. After our audit, we’ll be able to make a comprehensive plan for your video strategy that actively engages with your audience. 

Video Content Strategy 

With video becoming such an integral part of marketing campaigns and audiences growing increasingly perceptive and discerning, it’s important to nail your video strategy. We’ll work together to define the framework for your video content and craft the perfect brand story to use across your campaigns. Bolstered with research and insights, we’ll create a video strategy that connects with your audience. 

Hero Hub Help Content

Originally developed by YouTube strategists, the Triple H video strategy segments your video content into three key areas, focused on your audience’s intent: hero content, help content and hub content. With this approach, we’ll strategise showstopper hero content, help content that leverages your brand’s reputation and expertise to answer your target audience’s burning questions and hub content that keeps people subscribed to your channels and coming back for more. 

Creative concepting

Your creative concept is the key to grabbing your audience’s attention and getting  them sharing. We’ll devise a fresh, unique and compelling narrative that tells a cohesive, themed story. Combining our creativity with analysis and insights, we’ll craft an innovative concept that will deliver results. 

Whittards Video Production


At Hub, we know that the message  is an incredibly important component of your video content and what you want your audience to retain. A powerful script makes the difference between a shallow spectacle and a deep, thought-leadership piece that provokes discussion. We write captivating scripts that hook your audience and leave a lasting impression. Our talented team of scriptwriters will ensure that your concept is communicated clearly and engagingly. 


With the script in hand, it’s time to visualise your concept. Storyboarding is a great bridge between what you can imagine and what you can achieve, depending on your budget. Storyboarding also speeds up the rest of the production process, as our filming crew can ensure they capture everything that’s needed – and then some – and our editors can bring together all the footage into a cohesive piece.

Studio Production 

Our video agency crew is equipped to produce professional content in our central London studios, or at a studio of your choice. With our own studio and green screen, plus an experienced production team, we offer an end-to-end service for your video production. Whether you need to livestream your event worldwide, update a training video, or create a lead-generation webinar or webcast, we will tailor your project to meet your needs. 

Saucony Video Production

Event Filming 

Whether you’re looking to broadcast your event live or share on-demand after the event, we can film your event. Our experienced crew will capture all the excitement of your event and bring it to life. Find out more about our event filming services.

On Location

Our filming crew is as comfortable filming in outer Mongolia as they are in your metropolitan office, and as prepared to shoot run-and-gun style with a steadicam on their own as they are working as a 15-large team in a warehouse studio for that perfect tea-sipping shot. Whatever your concept requires, we’re here to make it happen, and to make it look good.


Editing is a critical step in the production process, tying your video together and making sure that your story is told perfectly. Using our technical expertise, we’ll pull all the pieces together to establish the tone of your video and bring it to life. Working to meet your brief, our editors will use the very best takes and tweak the timing to create a visually stunning final video that your audience will fly through. We use Adobe Premiere for most of our short-form content and Avid Media Composer for longer shows and docs. No matter the project, our editors create the highest quality content for you in our edit suites.

Colour grading 

Go beyond basic colour correction and give your video content a polished look that matches your brand. We shoot everything RAW so that we can add the right colour, fine-grain the tone and set the perfect mood on every project. With our colour grading service, we can transform the look of your video and achieve the perfect visual mood for your campaign.