Virtual Events

Virtual Events

Expand your global reach and engage with your audiences in an exciting and meaningful way with virtual events. Working with both brands and agencies, Hub can help you transition your physical events to virtual events and online conferences, allowing you to connect with your audiences even remotely. 

From event production through to live streaming, our team can work across the entire virtual events cycle, using our virtual events platform to create an environment that will emulate the physical event, complete with a multi-stage set-up, breakout sessions and interactive elements. From industry conferences and company-wide socials to career fairs and customer engagement events, virtual events are ideal for events that have multiple discussion rooms and presentations. 

If you’re new to hosting virtual events, Hub will be able to guide you through the entire process, making it as smooth as possible. We’re happy to chat and advise you for free before you start planning your virtual event. 

What are the benefits of virtual events? 

Hosting your event virtually can help your brand reach audiences from around the world in a cost-effective way, enabling you to reach participants who might not otherwise be able to attend. Hub can help you bring your event to life, creating experiences that bring the same excitement as a physical event. 

  • Increase engagement in a more meaningful way with interactive tools 
  • Reduce costs on a physical event such as venue hire and travel costs 
  • Avoid event cancellation as a result of unforeseen circumstances

Our Process 

Our team of producers will help you at every stage of the process, creating a bespoke virtual event that is tailored to your business’s needs. Whether this means creating additional virtual experiences to engage with your audience such as escape rooms or cocktail hours, or managing the technical logistics on the day, our experienced team will take care of event production and eliminate stress. 

Before your event

Our team will take the time to understand your goals for your event, launching a pre-production planning process to create your ideal virtual event. We’ll work with your team to design and build the perfect event, devising creative concepts and source creative elements. Depending on the type of event you’re looking to host, we’ll plan activities across different rooms to engage with your audience working within your budget. In order to make your event as engaging as possible we’ll be able to assist in arranging entertainment, promotional activities and additional interactive experiences.

We’ll also take care of the technical aspects including: 

  • Technical planning of delivering your event 
  • Designing and building a custom virtual event tailored to your audience
  • Designing and managing the registration process
  • Create pre-recorded assets to include within your live event 
  • Run tech test to ensure the technical safety of your event 

We can also: 

  • Develop event campaign communications 
  • Curate branded merchandising for audiences 
  • Design branded graphics packages for you, including in-show animation and design elements.

During your event

During the live broadcasting of your virtual event, we’ll make sure to deliver the best possible experience for your audience. Depending on whether your event is a single-stream experience or consists of multiple rooms and stages, our producers will make sure to manage the entire process so that your audience can make the most of your virtual event. 

Our technical team will: 

  • Ensure that your audience gets the best quality video stream for their connection.
  • Moderate questions coming from your audience for Q&A sessions
  • Answer any technical questions and troubleshoot any issues that your audience may experience

After your event

Our team will provide you with an analytics report to measure the ROI on your event, along with a high resolution copy of your event. We can also repurpose your recorded stream for on-demand content, as well as a video featuring interviews with speakers, highlights from your keynote sessions and additional exclusive content from your event.