Bank of Montreal

The Bank of Montreal (BMO) commissioned Hub to create a video series that would increase viewing numbers for content, whose primary purpose was to promote their 13 investment trust, Fund Managers.

It was important to BMO, that what they produced be different from their previous videos, but also clearly separated them from their competitors through strong narratives and being visually distinct from the commonplace style of financial services content – a suited talking head, in an office.

After research and meetings with a selection of the Fund Managers, Hub presented a bespoke solution – to create a series that was unique as each fund manager and their investment approach.

After spending time with each individual Hub proposed a narrative in line with their interests and personality. To date, Hub has filmed 5 Fund Manager videos ranging in location from the Pentland Hills in Scotland to Portobello Market in London. With a vast collection of interests, the narratives have seen the Fund Managers sailing boats, hiking, riding through the streets of London and walking the beaches of Dungeness.

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