Janus Henderson Investment Trusts

Campaign Overview

Long-time collaboration partner Janus Henderson approached Hub with the challenge to increase the visibility of their offering to a younger, digitally-native investor audience. In their research, they had found that a large proportion of their investors were of an advanced age – generally over 60 – and had sought to reach the next wave of potential investors. 

Closed-ended funds – or investment trusts – were found to be something of an industry secret and featured less prominently within adviser recommendations than their open-ended counterparts. With this in mind, Hub knew that education was vital to grow awareness and confidence in investing with younger  demographics. 

Our Strategy

Hub proposed a strategy to produce an ongoing suite of highly engaging, educational content that would be optimised for organic search. This educational content aimed to address a fundamental audience need and drive an uplift in brand favourability. 

We began with a digital landscape audit which identified key strategic issues. These included questions surrounding the size of traffic generation opportunity in the sector, the traffic that competitors were securing and which digital channels to utilise. After establishing these key parameters, we developed a content strategy for producing educational content that best fit the strategy needs, such as articles, white papers, infographics, animations, live videos, fund manager interviews and podcasts. 

Janus Henderson White papers

Alongside content production, Hub undertook website redesign. Beginning with a usability study, we held a series of focus groups to understand customers’ online behaviour when researching   investment products and conduct on-site surveys to understand key areas for improvement on the existing website. This user study enabled us to devise a strategy for website optimisation, which included a number of design and functionality changes to enhance the user experience. To further drive traffic to the website, Hub helped to implement a CRM tool to support customer and prospect journeys. 

Janus Henderson Investment Trust Website

With the user journeys optimised and new content in production, we then kicked off the outreach programme. In this process, we found and targeted sites which were trustworthy and relevant. Bloggers from these sites integrated Janus Henderson links in their posts, which in turn raised the brand’s authority as a reliable source of information, meaning the site would be prioritised in search result rankings. 


In the 9 months since the campaign launched, Janus Henderson has seen a 52.9% increase in organic sessions and a 61.3% increase in unique organic page views when compared to the benchmark figure. Across all trusts, total organic engagement time  has seen an increase of 36.3%. This total engagement time is calculated by subtracting the people who immediately bounce away from the page from the total number of page views, and then multiplied by the average time on page. This allows us to measure the audience who have a genuine interest in the content and are therefore more likely to be interested in buying Janus Henderson products.