The Brief

Kantar is the market research, data and consultancy driven division of WPP, the global advertising group. The brief required Hub to design an educational webcast series within a virtual community to encourage creative collective learning which was to be distributed to Kantar’s creatives around the world. The series was designed to change creative behaviour and encourage a sense of shared learning and creative inclusion.

Kantar had identified that they had a large number of ‘creatives’ scattered around the world who often worked in isolation within their large research advertising agencies. They felt that they had no clear knowledge of who or where they are or what they do. The creatives felt very isolated within their roles and felt that they were generally not considered ‘valuable’ by their heads of department. The Kantar operating company CEO’s had committed to improving the global creativity of the organisation which in turn would improve the impact of their deliverables to their end clients. Kantar realised that their global ‘creatives’ were an essential part of the solution in achieving this objective.

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Our Strategy

Hub developed a 3 x 30-minute webcast format called The Connection, which was presented by Kantar’s senior creative director, Aziz Cami. The webcast was designed as a broadcast magazine show format. The Connection featured interviews with inspirational creatives around the world and had key format points – Storytelling, Animation and Data Visualisation – so that the audience would become familiar with the structure.

Kantar The Connection

The structure and content of the Connection was developed during several workshops phases with the senior creative team at Kantar and Hub. Although there were three key areas of creativity that the content was designed to focus on improving, there were additional items that were wanted to be touched on, including how to become better at creative brief writing, how to manage clients and how to improve decision making.

The final format was designed so that the audience would become familiar with the webcast structure and each section featured an inspirational interview, either live in the studio or online and pre recorded video packages for the creative to learn under the sections of ‘Brief Me’, ‘Inspire Me’, ‘Teach Me’. These sections allowed opportunities to add creative colour to the series and featured a combination of video interviews, documentary reporting and animation sequences.

An example of one of the instructional sections is a video summary of an advertising book, A Technique for Producing Ideas. This iconic text was recreated in a video format to summarise the key takeout’s from the book and present it in a digestible, easily remembered way. It encouraged the audience to engage in an online dialogue about the text and to open up further debate and recommendations for similar inspiration in the online discussion group.


The webcasts were pre-recorded but also broadcasted ‘as live’ to allow audiences to ‘question’ the studio guests. The online audience was encouraged to keep the conversation going after the webcast with the aid of a networking discussion platform built into the online microsite.


After a successful pilot launch, this series was distributed to Kantar’s 30,000 strong global workforce. The feedback upon launching was instantaneous with employees signing up, sharing their work, contributing to the show and connecting with their colleagues across the world.