Kantar is the market research, data and consultancy driven division of WPP, the global advertising group.

Aziz Cami, Kantar’s Creative Director, was keen to connect his 80+ creative teams – located across the globe – to encourage conversation and share knowledge, resources and skills.

Developed through a series of workshops with Kantar’s senior creative team, a year-long campaign called ‘The Connection’ was launched. The blend consisted of a website available to internal staff with the option to create a profile, upload content, the ability to comment, start and /or respond to conversations with other users. The website centred around a 30-minute webcast format presented quarterly by the senior creative director at Kantar. The Connection featured interviews with inspirational creatives around the world and had key format points – Storytelling, Animation and Data Visualisation – so that the audience would become familiar with the structure. Each section featured an interview, either live in the studio or via Skype.

Available to 30,000+ staff, the feedback on launching was instantaneous with people signing up, sharing their work, contributing to the show and connecting with their colleagues across the globe.

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