Nature Research

Campaign Overview

Working in association with Estée Lauder, Nature Research were looking to promote their upcoming Global Awards for Women in Science and motivate people to nominate those who have made a significant contribution to the world of science. We were enlisted by Nature Research to advise them on creating content to launch a large-scale campaign, in addition to creating content to promote each stage of the project right through to capturing the awards in November.

The brief was to celebrate the work of women’s participation in science and recognise inspirational early-career female researchers through the content. The videos would go on to be published on Nature Research’s website and social channels with the intention to raise awareness for the nominee’s and inspire the next generation of female scientists.

Wistia video thumbnail

Our Strategy

For the first phase, Hub created four animated award videos, each focusing on a different inspirational woman in science through history. We used 2D animated graphics in the style of scientific instruments, using images of the scientists, as well as voiceover and a music track to keep the videos engaging. 

The animations were storyboarded and designed by Hub. These highly stylised 2D animations were script led, recounting the story and careers of female scientists spanning the decades, using images of the scientists, quotes and an informative voiceover. The aim of each animation was to showcase and champion groundbreaking research of women in science, inspiring others to come forward and nominate themselves, a friend or a colleague for the award.

Following the success of the first project, we worked with Nature Research again on the second phase. This second video series was for the Nature Research award categories ‘Inspiring Science’ and ‘Innovative Science’. Hub set out to create ten nomination videos with five videos per category. 

The video series consisted of user generated footage of the nominees in their working environment to give the videos a personal touch. Hub devised a shooting guide teaching nominees how to film a self-shot interview, including information on how to light, frame and record sound for a high quality output. We used a mixture of live action and highly stylised animation to depict the nominees for their individual videos. Personalised 2D animated graphics in the same campaign style were added to open and close each of the videos. 


The initial videos proved to be incredibly engaging and ultimately led to many nominations for the awards. Phase one animations, which highlighted female scientists in history, received over 130,000 views whilst phase two award entries received over 55,000 views.