Steps to Investing

Campaign Overview

Janus Henderson approached us to help them create a campaign which would reach a new target audience who were sceptical of the financial services sector. They wanted to appeal to those who had between £40,000 and £150,000 in savings but were put off from investing because they found the financial services sector too complex and intimidating. 

The brief was to create a campaign which would help them reach this potential audience and provide them with information about the investment process in a way which was accessible.

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Our Strategy 

We developed an insight-led strategy to determine where there were gaps in saver’s investment knowledge and to find out what makes people feel uncertain about investing their money. After conducting focus groups and in-depth interviews, we found that those with little or no investment knowledge needed access to jargon-free, educational content to help them understand and make informed decisions about their wealth management.

As a result, we launched ‘Steps to Investing’ as a new brand which was targeted at UK retail investors. This online offering provided an explainer, jargon buster and case study videos to demystify the investment process. This would be accompanied with blog posts that provided detailed explanations and discussions. 

Paper prototyping and UX informed the design of the online platform and users’ journey, ultimately leading to the creation of a website called The site contains all the content which is broken down in a five step process, walking those who are new to investing, through each stage.

In addition to this, Hub produced promotional content, two online animated commercials, to raise brand awareness and increase site traffic to We also helped to organise events to accompany the educational information, providing an opportunity for people to see and meet the company behind the information. 


In May 2018 Steps to Investing won an AIC award for Best Marketing Campaign. The award panel praised the winner for being bold, well-executed and for doing something different. The site was educational and engaging and the judges felt it was a contemporary approach to marketing. It had since won the Gramercy Institute Financial Content Marketing Award (2019) and The Financial Services Forum (FSF) Product and Service Innovator Award (2019).