The Fintech Effect

Campaign Overview

Hub was approached by CNBC to help them create a short form editorial series about the current state of the FinTech industry, sponsored by Abu Dhabi Global Markets. The brief was to demystify the industry by creating six short-form packages for distribution on the CNBC global network. We were tasked with developing and producing the series from start to finish. 

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Our Strategy 

We kick started the project by carrying out extensive research into the important subjects that should be covered in the FinTech industry. This research informed our strategy and helped us to devise and plan out each episode individually, creating a holistic episode guide with detailed structures for each 2.5 minute segment. 

After our research, we found that the most engaging approach would be to interview CEOs, pioneers and innovators behind some of the hottest Fintech startups, to understand their views and outlook for the industry. Hub also chose Marcus De Silva to present the series, as he had a strong track record of teasing out relevant and remarkable stories from his interviews within the financial sector. Using his knowledge, Marcus was able to shape the narrative arc of each package to illustrate the challenges and opportunities each area represents. 


With interviews from leading experts in both tech and finance, the series detailed how disruptive technology is changing the way in which we bank, carry out financial transactions and authenticate the movement of money.