The Wine Society

Campaign Overview

The Wine Society is the world’s oldest wine club, founded in 1874 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The club were looking to expand their audience appeal and increase membership amongst young urban high spenders, with a specific interest in acquiring more young female members. 

Hub devised a creative treatment, designed specifically to target an audience who wanted to educate themselves about wine and learn how to pair certain styles with different foods.

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Our Strategy 

Starting with an insight process, we assessed Wine Society’s video content on YouTube which suggested that the majority of the content was male dominated. This led us to create a female persona type that would be ideal for the client’s target audience, which informed our content strategy. We identified the three key aims as: inspire; educate and empower; foster loyalty. 

Using this devised persona type we created a strategy that included video and static social content across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to drive consumers back to The Wine Society’s website and encourage new registrations. 

Hub created two videos to educate the audience titled ‘Which Wine With…?’. This aimed to teach viewers about pairing tasting notes to different food flavours and leave them feeling more confident in their wine purchasing experience. The videos used stop frame styling with the addition of graphical elements, unique to The Wine Society brand. 

This series was created using Stop Motion animation. It was a culinary affair. Instead of filming at a studio, the shoot was set up at a local restaurant with all the ingredients and the featured dishes. Although Stop Motion was a lengthy process, the filming was directed by one of Hub’s Senior Animators. With her technical knowledge of animation, we were able to film the footage she required to create the video which enabled the production to go smoothly.


This series was highlighted across The Wine Society’s social channels, with one wine taking centre stage each week. Static imagery was used for Twitter, whilst 15-20 second animations were created for their YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram.