Campaign Overview 

Whittard approached Hub as an already established high street brand, best known for their sumptuous collection of high-end tea, coffee and gifts. With the aim of repositioning themselves in the market, they wanted to launch a series of films to show off their expansive range of teas and the exclusive experience offered at their brick and mortar stores.

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Our Strategy

Hub proposed a Video Strategy Discovery programme to plot a route forward. This consisted of an insight phase of research and investigation, looking at analytics and performance of existing content, competitor analysis and search analytics that would ultimately help to frame and structure the video and content strategy for the next 12 months.

From this discovery insight process, Hub identified the first phase would be to focus on building out Help content (part of the Triple H strategy). From here Hub developed a creative treatment, devised to make the brand visible when its target market asked key questions about its products or sector. Four live-action films were then commissioned under the two most searched queries, ‘How to..?’ and ‘What is..?’.

Whittard Video

Hub’s creative treatment focused on bottling and amplifying the customer experience that consumers receive in store; leading viewers of the content to feel empowered as their tea knowledge expands. This enables them as consumers to make a more informed decision about the type of tea that they drink and allows them to act as a brand ambassador in passing on their new-found expertise. Working with Whittard’s tea buyer Bethan, her knowledge and enthusiasm for the brand helped formulate the structure and topics for the content, combined with information drawn from the
insight-phase of the project. Hub also approached Bethan to present the content, using her warmth, energy and eccentricity which perfectly exemplified Whittard’s brand message.

Whittard How-to Video

Social was a consideration throughout the project, with content formatted for multiple platforms. From insight research, engagement varied per platform: shorter content that only relayed one or two key points, subtitled versions for silent playback and different aspect ratios, performed better than using a standardised format across all destinations. Each of the four films would have cutdowns in widescreen for Facebook and Youtube, square for Instagram feeds and vertical for stories.


Whittard launched the new campaign with ‘How to Cold Brew’ in July, which was timely content that fell in line with their summer holiday marketing calendar and the launch of their redesigned website. The launch has outperformed initial expectations, reaching the same audience in 5 days that their previously most successful video took 11 months to achieve and at a cost of less than 1p per view. With an engagement rate of 84%, this also exceeds comparable Help content performance metrics.