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Hub are experts at using the power of video to make brands perform better. We are an award-winning video agency in London creating video content and inbound video strategies, from concept to screen, that get your stories noticed.

With production, creative and account management all under the same roof, Hub is exactly what the name suggests, a video agency with a network of specialists dedicated to helping your brand communicate with your audience via the powerful medium of the moving image.

As video continues to gain momentum in the already fast paced world of B2B and B2C communication, we know it can leave you wanting to reach for the pause button. At Hub we will help you to create videos that empower your brand, so you can fast forward to a dynamic and engaging content strategy.


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Latest news

  • Style Of Video Is Not The Same As Type Of Video

    Trawling the internet I read an article about style of video. It's an area I am interested so I read it quite eagerly. And was disappointed. Instead of style, it seemed to more focus on types of video – explainer, testimonial, corporate, interview etc.

  • Alternative Uses For Video

    The uses for video are always growing. It's not just a corporate or explainer video that businesses can use video for. There are plenty of other uses…

  • Digital Trailblazer: Hero, Hub, Help Video Strategy

    In the fifth episode of our Digital Trailblazer series, we are delighted to bring you a chat with Lazar Dzamic. A former Google Zoo Strategist, a writer and lecturer at educational institutions and a three time 'Top 10' digital player on Marketing Direct's Power 100 list, Lazar has a wealth of experiences and stories to share.

  • How To Avoid Your Video Dating

    When creating a video something that is always worth bearing in mind is the potential of dating it.

  • Why Tone Of Voice Is So Important In Your Video

    Tone of voice is something that is usually associated with the written word. You'll find it mentioned when brands are writing/creating marketing material including website, emails, and social media messages etc.

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