Triple H Strategy

Heart racing, incredibly engaging and hugely inspiring, Hero content will be the biggest and best content that is released by a brand. Customarily Hero campaigns are created a couple of times a year. This kind of showstopper content should always present your brand’s most significant initiatives.
At the heart of Help Content, is the question “How are we (as a business/brand) going to help our audience find what they’re searching for?” The content created will remain relevant to the brand and their values, although seriously taking into account what the audience is searching for and using the brand’s expertise to implement these in a consumable way, usually through ‘How to’ videos, ‘Product Tutorials’ and ‘Customer Service Films’.
Keeping your subscribers engaged is the most important part of content marketing, Hub content is purely this. It is the content that keeps people coming back to your channel, usually episodic and keeping to a similar format, the aim of Hub Content is to give a fresh perspective on your target’s key interests.