Alibaba is a website portal that enables global trade amongst small and medium sized business, allowing them the same trade benefits of large organisations.


Alibaba – Global Multi-Platform Content Campaign is a B2B ecommerce portal enabling global trade amongst small and medium sized business.

After enjoying huge commercial success in Asia, identified cracking the Western market as a key business objective for 2016/17 and approached Hub to develop a content strategy supple and robust enough to make this a reality.

Following the same model that brought them success in Asia’s emerging markets, Alibaba wanted to reach existing SME’s and would-be entrepreneurs who were eager to launch a business but didn’t know where to start, identifying themselves as a trusted partner to the start-up generation.

Building on the global trends of start-up accelerators and pop-up retail, Hub created a television format and integrated TV and online campaign that focused on 12 individuals competing against each other as they start out on their own unique business journeys.

The competing, head-to-head narrative of the series created a powerful emotional connection with the brand for viewers in 108 countries. Audiences could see the transformative power of as both an instrumental day to day tool and a guiding hand in the long-term growth of each individual’s business.

As a result, the campaign became a runaway success, outstripping all expectations by raising brand awareness of by 31%.